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Before using this website and the services we provide through it, users / visitors are required to read carefully and comply with the following terms and conditions (the other “Terms”) governing the use of our online store and websites which it contains, which bind all its visitors and users. The user / visitor of the website automatically accepts these Terms. The use of our online store and the services we offer, requires unconditional acceptance of these Terms by users / visitors. In case a user / visitor disagrees with these Terms, please do not use this website.

Vafeiadis has the right at any time and without notice to revise, modify or remove these Terms unilaterally, in its sole discretion, while updating this text for any changes or additions. It also reserves the right to establish more specific terms of use, which are considered as a whole with these general Terms of Use, but in case of conflict between them, the specific terms of use prevail. Any invalidity of any of these Terms does not invalidate the remainder. The non-exercise by Vafeiadis of its rights deriving from these Terms, does not imply its waiver of these rights, nor does it lead to the tacit abolition of a Term. Vafeiadis is not responsible for violation of these Terms due to reasons of force majeure, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, extreme weather events, strikes, etc.

Each user / visitor uses this website at their own risk, and its content can in no way be construed as providing direct or indirect advice or prompting users / visitors to take any action.

The use of this website must be done exclusively for legal purposes and in a way that does not impede its use by third parties, and the visitor / user is obliged to use it in accordance with the law, good manners and these Terms and not performs acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to it (website), or affect or jeopardize the provision of services by Vafeiadis through it.

Vafeiadis strives to maintain and ensure the availability of the website and its content. Regardless of these efforts, the availability of this website depends on various factors such as the technical equipment of the users, the number of users trying to connect to the present website or the internet at the same time, etc. Vafeiadis is also entitled to maintain the website, even if this results in its downtime.

Vafeiadis reserves the right to change the nature and content of this website at any time and without notice, as well as to suspend or suspend its operation temporarily or permanently. This website may also be suspended, suspended or blocked for reasons beyond the control or will of Vafeiadis.

Vafeiadis makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness, validity and clarity of the information and the general content of this website. Vafeiadis does not guarantee, nor is it responsible to the users / visitors, for the security and the content of the website.

Users / visitors who do not trust the website are requested not to visit or use this website or the services offered through it. Users / visitors are also encouraged to use anti-virus software, Trojan horses, time bombs, or other malicious programs and items.

Vafeiadis is not liable for damage from the use of ordered products due to incorrect product selection by the user, careless or incorrect use of the products, or the manufacturer’s fault, such as manufacturing fault, incomplete information or instructions accompanying the products, quality construction, material safety and actual defects. Our liability in the event of a defective product is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the product return conditions are met.

Vafeiadis is not responsible for deficiencies in the availability of products due to force majeure, weather, fire, supplier strikes, unlawful conduct by third parties and generally reasons that cannot be attributed to its fault.

Vafeiadis is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide services and for delays in the acceptance and execution of orders and delivery of ordered products due to reasons not attributable to its fault, such as reasons of force majeure, extreme weather events, natural disasters, natural disasters. emergencies, strikes, fires, malfunctions of cooperating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of products before delivery to the user and after being sent for shipment, illegal interventions of the counterparty or third party, malfunction of Internet Service Provider or Internet Service Provider Host Provider or Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Access Provider or user terminal equipment, incorrect provision of information by the user and generally for any incident that prevents the conventional of obligations. The Company’s liability is limited to its obligations under the contract with the consumer and will make every effort to meet them, within a reasonable period of time.

Vafeiadis is not responsible for the poor condition of the delivered products as long as it is not due to improper storage of the products by it and if all the precautionary measures that it should have taken have been taken.

Vafeiadis bears absolutely no responsibility for damage or harm, or infection by cyber viruses and / or other malicious software, on the computer or other electronic means used by a user / visitor to access this website, nor is it liable for damage related to inability to execute, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission or system line drop, etc.

This website, in order to facilitate and serve its users / visitors, may provide, inter alia, links through “links” hyperlinks or banner ads, to third party websites and websites, for content, privacy policy, security policy, the completeness and quality of the services provided, or the terms of use of which, Vafeiadis can not guarantee, nor is it responsible. The connection to these websites and websites is the sole responsibility of each user / visitor. The above third parties, the providers of these websites and websites, also have the full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, legality and validity of the content of their websites and websites, excluding any liability of Vafeiadis, as indicative liability for intellectual property rights or any third party rights. Consequently, users / visitors are required to contact the above third party providers directly, for anything that arises from visiting or using their websites and webpages. Although users / visitors of this website acknowledge that Vafeiadis is neither obligated nor able to control the security and content of both the websites and third-party services to which it provides access, it is nevertheless entitled to remove at any time , modify or terminate any third party services or links to third party websites and webpages, if in its sole discretion the law or these Terms are threatened or violated.

Users / visitors are obliged to comply with all relevant Greek, European and International laws and regulations, including indicative and not restrictive laws relating to the protection of intellectual property, protection of personal data, protection of competition, etc. Also users / visitors must make use of this website and the services offered through it in accordance with good manners and these Terms.

Users / visitors agree that they will not use this website for emailing or otherwise transmitting, or disclosing content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous, libelous, infringing on the privacy of others, showing empathy or expressing racial, ethnic or other discrimination, (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), or infringing on intellectual or industrial property rights, or other proprietary rights, containing software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, t causing damage to, or destroying, operating equipment, software, or computer hardware.

Every user / visitor of this website is still obliged not to perform any actions or omissions that may harm or disrupt its operation and access to third parties, or that may jeopardize the provision of services provided by the Vafeiadis through him. The use of the website in an illegal manner or in a manner contrary to these Terms, gives rise to an obligation of compensation of Vafeiadis, for any positive or negative damage suffered by the above behavior. Each user / visitor is also obliged not to provide false information about himself, not to impersonate any other person, not to send spam or group mail, nor multiple copies of messages, and not to collect information about other users / visitors without their consent, including financial data and email addresses.

To the extent that it is possible to use this website on the wider internet, this should be done in accordance with the terms of the Netiquette Code of Conduct, and the use of practices that are contrary to this code is expressly prohibited.

The non-compliance of any user / visitor of this website with the applicable law and / or these Terms, gives the right to Vafeiadis to take the necessary measures and to take any necessary action to address this behavior. Thus, in such cases, Vafeiadis has the right, for example, to deny access to services provided through this website or to delete, edit or move messages, of course respecting the principle of proportionality.

Any costs or compensation that Vafeiadis may be required to pay, due to a user / visitor breach of its obligations under these Terms, shall be borne by that user / visitor, who is required to pay them to Vafeiadis immediately and without being required to the latter appeals to the courts.

This website and its content, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, texts, information materials, services and products, trademarks, trade names, insignia, any form of data, software, unless otherwise stated for specific rights of third parties , are the intellectual and industrial property of Vafeiadis and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions. Also, anything transferred, retransmitted or sent through this website is the property of Vafeiadis, provided that this is possible and legal.

Intellectual property is acquired without requiring any further formulation and without the need for a contract or prohibition clause against its infringements.

No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without our written permission.

The names, images, logos, trademarks and insignia representing Vafeiadis and appearing on this website are the property of Vafeiadis or third parties and are protected by Greek, European and international copyright and industrial property laws. Their use is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of Vafeiadis or their rightful owner. The products, brands, trademarks and insignia of third parties, which appear on this website, are the intellectual and industrial property of those who are solely responsible for them.

In any case, the appearance and display of the above on this website should in no way be construed as a transfer or grant of explicit or implicit license or right to use them.

The information that users / visitors of this website submit to Vafeiadis through it, is considered as non-confidential information and is not an asset of this user / visitor. Furthermore, Vafeiadis may collect limited and necessary information about its general business activities.

The management by Vafeiadis and the protection of the personal data of the users / visitors of this website are governed by the relevant Greek and European legislation and these Terms.

During the visit and use of this website and in view of the provision by Vafeiadis of the services offered through it, they may be asked to state information that concerns them (eg name, profession, telephone number, email address, date of birth, etc. ). The personal data declared by users / visitors anywhere on the websites and services of this website, are intended solely to ensure the operation of the respective service and may not be used by third parties without complying with applicable laws. Personal data of users / visitors requested by Vafeiadis are limited to information necessary for the operation of its online store and the provision of services offered through it, in order to provide them with the best service, always in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on personal data protection, as well as Law 3471/2006 concerning data protection in the context of e-commerce, as they apply each time.

Vafeiadis may collect, store and process personal data of the users / visitors of this website, only if the above data is provided voluntarily by the interested parties, for the following purposes:

for the provision of services chosen by users / visitors through this website (eg purchase of products, information on new products, participation in competitions, etc.).
for the best service of users / visitors.
for the collection of information from users / visitors (feedback) about the offered products and services of the site and their improvement based on the information collected.
to inform users / visitors about new products on the site after their consent.
to inform the users / visitors about the offers of the site, as well as for any competitions, after their consent.
for the advertising and promotion of the products of the website from a distance, after the consent of the users / visitors.
for market research and communication with users / visitors, after their consent.
to improve the recognizability of the site.

Personal data provided voluntarily by users / visitors of this website may be collected by Vafeiadis in a file, stored and processed by it for its intended purpose.

The holder and responsible for the processing of personal data collected in the above manner and the file created for the above purposes will be Vafeiadis in whose headquarters the above file will be installed.

The recipient of the personal data that will be provided by the users / visitors of this website is only Vafeiadis which can transfer it to affiliated companies, for reasons of functional and computer service of its transactional relations with the said users / visitors, such as and for statistical and historical reasons. If the user / visitor has filled in the relevant field and has consented to the sending of informative and advertising-promotional material, Vafeiadis may, after informing the user / visitor, disclose his personal data to third parties for the advertising of products they offer, as well as to companies conducting market research or other similar activity.

Users / visitors who have disclosed their personal information to Vafeiadis have the following rights:

The right of access to the data that concern them and are in the possession of Vafeiadis.
The right to information about (a) all personal data concerning them, as well as their origin, (b) the purposes of the processing, (c) the recipients or categories of recipients (c) the evolution of the processing over time (d) the logic of automated processing, (e) where appropriate, the correction, deletion, or freezing (locking) of data whose processing is not in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472 / 1997.
The right to object to the processing of data concerning them.
The right to temporary judicial protection.
The consent of the participants in the collection and processing of their personal data can be revoked at any time, but without retroactive effect.

Vafeiadis complies with all its statutory obligations. The subject of personal data has the right to request at any time the cessation of sending from Vafeiadis of the above information and advertising-promotional material. In order to exercise the right of objection provided to him by Law 2472/1997, the holder of personal data must request in writing from the Processor a specific action, such as the correction of the personal data concerning him, their temporary non-use, their commitment , their non-transmission, or their deletion.

If the user / visitor voluntarily discloses his personal or sensitive data through this website directly to third parties, it is up to him to investigate the terms of protection of this data by such third parties. The user / visitor accepts that Vafeiadis has absolutely no responsibility for such disclosures and for the consequent possible use of such data by other persons. Similarly, Vafeiadis bears absolutely no responsibility for any disclosure by users / visitors of this website of personal and / or sensitive third party data through the website without the prior consent of the data provider concerned.

Each user / visitor guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of the personal data concerning him and that he submits to Vafeiadis as well as the right to submit such data.

Vafeiadis opposes the collection of personal data of minors and its policy is not to collect or process the data of such persons.

Vafeiadis recognizes the importance of the issue of the security of the personal data of the users / visitors of this website and makes every reasonable effort, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure their security. Users / visitors, however, should be aware that sending confidential information via email is not the safest way to communicate, as there is always the risk of reading this information by third parties.

Like most websites, it uses cookies, so that Vafeiadis has access to certain information every time a user / visitor browses its online store. Without cookies it would be impossible for Vafeiadis to offer to the users / visitors of this website important services such as, order status, storage of products in the basket, etc.

Cookies are alphanumeric files that are transferred to the hard drive of the computer of users / visitors of a website and are used to maintain statistics that are necessary to offer services such as those listed above, as well as to determine popular websites or for marketing purposes and the user / visitor access to the website – website of their choice.

Cookies do not pose a risk to the computer of the user / visitor of the website. If you do not want to collect information through cookies, you can configure your internet browser to delete the existing cookies on your hard drive and choose either to automatically reject all new cookies, or to ask any when a cookie is to be installed on the computer hard drive if it wants to reject or accept it. However, users / visitors should be aware that choosing to decline cookies will make it more difficult or impossible to use parts and services of the website.

The user / visitor of this website has the possibility, if he wishes, to request information about new products available by Vafeiadis through it and / or in its physical stores, as well as for any other offers, by sending advertising – informative by phone, e-mail, or mail. The user / visitor who wishes can request the cessation of receiving such messages. Vafeiadis also provides the possibility to the users / visitors of this website to receive newsletter in their e-mail address, if they state that they want this service.

The above Terms are subject to Greek law and are interpreted accordingly. If any provision is deemed invalid or void by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid, without this affecting the validity of the other Terms. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or concerning these Terms is subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Thessaloniki.